BE AN ELF…                                   

Be an Elf Ltd  is a charity, whose purpose is to relieve poverty and to build equal opportunity for children in Australia. We are non-denominational and assist children of all races, colours, sexes and creeds, with a special emphasis on poorer children from significantly disadvantaged minorities, for example, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.



Our mission: To help transform children’s lives by meeting basic human needs- food, clothing, housing, education, and counselling, in addition giving at risk’ young ‘people and their families, a sense of purpose and emotional support.

Our volunteers are out there every week seeking to make a difference!

Be An Elf Ltd assists disadvantaged children through the charitable purposes below:

1. Distributing public and private donations, through Annual Appeals to children, who are either severely disadvantaged, homeless or ‘at risk’ of becoming homeless.

2. Providing outreach services to children, who are either disadvantaged, homeless or ‘at risk’ of becoming homeless, by distributing benevolent aid to the children, depending on their needs. The items we provide cater for the children’s physical and emotional well-being and are not limited to food, clothing, bedding, toys, hygienic products, and educational resources.

3. Collaborating with other welfare organisations and agencies to give support and comfort to children who may be living on the streets, in insecure housing, in foster care or challenging domestic environments.

4. Developing and providing specialist support schemes for children, who are either disadvantaged, homeless or ‘at risk’ of becoming homeless & incidentally their families. We aim to engage and mentor children and youth, for the purpose of building and redeeming relationships, as well as providing comfort and support.

5. Investing in the lives of children, who are either disadvantaged, homeless or ‘at risk’ of becoming homeless, by developing and organising community programs workshops and maker labs, which promote their self-belief, relieve their suffering, reduce their destitution, and may lead to the development of vocational skills.

BE AN ELF… Go be an Elf and help local kids.