1. Who is Be An Elf Ltd?

Be An Elf Ltd is a publicly listed company, limited by guarantee.  (ACN. 624 111 486; ABN. 56 624 111 486). It is a Non-Profit run completely by volunteers. We, as a group are focused on developing practical solutions, to help improve children’s lives and consequently strengthen their emotional well-being and future potential. Be An Elf Ltd works with children and their families. We want to break the cycle of hopelessness and despair, that many disadvantaged children suffer and enable them to grow up, as fulfilled and contributing individuals. We are so appreciative of any assistance donors and volunteers can provide.

2. Does Be An Elf ltd have a board?

Yes, currently there are 3 directors on the board and there is also an advisory council, which assists to decide the direction of Be An Elf Ltd and advises on the implementation of its programs.

3. In what areas does Be An Elf Ltd operate?

Currently Be An Elf Ltd operates in South East Queensland, in Logan/Beenleigh and the Northern Gold Coast. However, we do assist many children in other regions. We plan initially to expand throughout Queensland.

4. Where is your headquarters?

We are currently seeking a new headquarters. Our mail address is Be An Elf Ltd 100 Milne Street, Beenleigh, Queensland, 4207. Our email address is enquiries@phantast.org.au

5. What are your contact details?

You can talk to June Hintz on 0408 256 251